Writing: My letter to Writer’s Forum

I’d just like to say thank you for all your encouraging advice in your magazine.I was deeply depressed in the first lockdown, It was quite disconcerting how everything grounded to a halt especially as I like routine. I was also waiting to be housed in an with adapted apartment by my local council so I … Continue reading Writing: My letter to Writer’s Forum

Writing: Outline of my YA debut with the OCA

• Chapter one: Clara suspect that she has chronic fatigue syndrome along with her cerebral palsy and begins to blog about it where she meets Anastasia who offers her advice and guidance and an online friendship blossoms • Chapter two: Anistasia’s parents are offered jobs in England near to where Clara lives - Anistasia is … Continue reading Writing: Outline of my YA debut with the OCA

Writing Six word stories 2020

Below is my second attempt at the Earnest Hemingway six story challenge, you can read my 2019 six word stories here: https://atomic-temporary-119431106.wpcomstaging.com/2019/03/23/my-hemingway-six-word-story-challenge/ Two hearts intertwined in the nightShe swallowed the jagged little pillHe left a broken heart behindHer devotion was split in twoHe said goodbye, she said helloher confidence was torn in twoHe stripped her … Continue reading Writing Six word stories 2020