Spooky Sunday: Frightening and fashionable T shirts and Harley Quinn Cosplay

It’s September, and the nights are drawing in which means it’s almost Halloween so let’s slowly get in the spirit, ready in time for the main event!

So I’ve collated some of my favourite minimalistic Halloween T shirts and I thought I’d share them with you. These are for those who can’t go out on ghoul glamour for Halloween but, still want to be in the spooky spirit.

Click the link to go to my ShopLook page so you can find out where you can get your claws on these terrifying T-shirts.

Or alternatively, you could go all out and dress up as one of your favourite TV/Film characters. I’ve only recently watched Suicide Squad and I am in love with Harley Quinn portrayed brilliantly by Emma Stone and Margot Robbie.

Here’s my mood board / collage that I have also linked to my ShopLook page:

You guys know I’m a sucker fashion wise for a pair of cut of white washed denim shorts and white vinyl go go boots.

I don’t know about you, but these ghoulish garments are garishly good.

Stay tuned for more Halloween DIYS.

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