Me and My Disability: Catheter Care Tips

  • To ensure any urine leaking from your nightbag and spilling on to the floor, put your stand or catheter bag in a basket to contain the leak.
  • If you have a blockage in your leg bag (NOT your catheter pipe itself) you could try squirting a syringe of sparkling water or sprite in the bag’s port.
  • When taping your catheter to your leg, try using sports tape instead of medical as it’s kinder to skin.
  • When preparing your skin for your next statlock (if you use them) use Vaseline to remove the adhesive residue around the site, let it sit and then pull it off.
  • Don’t bother buying expensive potty training / mattress pads – use puppy mats instead, they are cheaper and more absorbent!
  • Have a separate bin in your kitchen or bathroom for your catheter waste, the council should supply you with bags and arrange a weekly collection. If you mix catheter waste with black bag waste it’ll build up faster and stink out your house.
  • Drink a litre of warm sparkling. water with lemon in the morning to flush through any sediment that’s collected in your pipe overnight.
  • After you’ve had your catheter changed, particularly with a superpubic, apply some Aloe Vera gel mixed with Vaseline (kept cool in the fridge) around the inflamed area to soothe any redness and create a homemade barrier cream so that your waistband doesn’t irritate it further.

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