The DIY Corner: Make Do and Mend Monday

  1. If you’ve run out of shampoo and dry shampoo at home or at an event then you can use baby talcum powder.
  2. If you don’t have time to straighten your hair after a blowdry you can use dryer sheets to smooth out any hair frizz.
  3. You can easily turn an eyeshadow into a lipstick, you can mix your preferred colour with Vaseline.
  4. To mark your place in your knitting or crocheting, write down your row number on a post it note and pin it with to your project using a thumbtack.
  5. Need to get your thumbtack hole covers covered on your wall ready for inspection? Simply fill it with white tack, smooth it over, get a tester pot of your wall colour and paint over it.
  6. Want to create an email account for all your mailing lists? Use your usual handle and put a number in front of the email provider. Now you don’t need to remember more account info.
  7. Don’t buy expensive face masks and eye masks just soak a flannel with your face wash and exfoliating scrub and put it in the fridge for a few minutes and you have a refreshing DIY face mask. Put the spoons in the freezer for an hour, take them out and place the spoons under your eyes. for a few minutes.
  8. Want a more sustainable way to shave and save money? Look into sugar scrubbing instead of waxing strips and plastic razors. Your local beautician should help guide you. I LOVE IT.
  9. Did you know that your makeup brushes need to be cleaned once a week? Don’t believe that you need fancy solutions or machines, just use baby soap and scrub the brushes using a nail brush and then pat dry with a paper towel or leave on the cutlery draining board.
  10. Can’t afford new shoes till payday? Just fill your scuffed shoes with a marker that matches your shoe! You can also put cardboard in the sole to get a few more uses out of your shoes.
  1. Make your own laundry folder that you’ve seen on #CleanTok! Simply cut out a flattened 3D cube on some cardboard and then use the flaps to fold the arms/legs fabric.
  2. Freeze vegetable peelings into sandwhich bag until you make a soup/stew and unfreeze them and add them for the broth.
  3. Freeze yoghurt into lollipop moulds and now you have a low calorie treat on a hot day.
  4. Put two cotton ear buds into your mouth making an X shape, fill in your lipstick and have you’ll now have clean lines and your lip colour won’t bleed out onto the corners of your mouth.
  5. To make sure your high heels have a good grip, score the soles with a knife and you’ll have less chance of slipping.
  6. Dry spaghetti makes a good makeshift match and Crayola Crayons give you a candle.
  7. Pebbles make a good memento from a lovely day out and they can also make good door stops!
  8. You can make draw a picture on lollipop sticks to make a makeshift portable puzzle for your kids. You could even write their name or numbers 1-10 then mix them up so they can practice their numeracy and literacy.
  9. Don’t buy outfits for your kids barbies, instead encourage them to make them themselves using scraps of fabric or socks, all they have to do is draw out the pattern, (found online) cut out and sew together! This helps them with their motor skills and problems solving skills! (ages 7+ with supervision)
  10. Make a busy book for your toddler using a £1 scrapbook and items from around the house. It keeps them entertained and thinking too! Inspiration can be found on Pinterest.
  11. Get 3 or 4 empty water bottles fill with watered down paint, secure a sponge with a few rubber bands on top and you have DIY paint markers for kids with hardly any mess! To go that extra mile you could cut the sponge pieces into different shapes snd then you have stamps!
  12. If you suffer with a weak bladder like me and have a catheter with frequent leaks, don’t by those expensive disposable mattress sheets, instead use puppy mats! Way cheaper and more absorbent. What I tend to do when making my bed is put a mattress protector on the bed itself, then your bed sheet and then another mattress pad on top for extra protection.
  13. Did you know that if you freeze toothpaste into tiny tablets, you have a breath freshener and a way to clean your teeth without taking up too much space – perfect for camping!
  14. If you’re a gardner then collect any catheter caps (or toothpaste caps) to screw on to your runner beans – that way you won’t get pricked and kids won’t get poked if they’re running about.
  15. When conditioning your hair after it’s been washed squeeze the conditioner directly on your hairbrush and brush it through from the bottom up, leave it in for a few minutes, wash it out, blowdry as normal and boom! You’ve got shiny hair that’s be throughly covered all the way through rather than it being left on your scalp. Using the brush method, you can see how much product you’ll need and find you’ll need a lot less!

I hope these tips helped! I’ve tried the majority (the ones that apply to me) and I’ve really benefited from them. Have fun Make Do And Mending! If you love these helpful hints come back next week for a whole lot more!

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