The Mental Health and Well-being Corner: Self Care Sunday

Hello lovelies and Happy Self Care Sunday! If you’re not used to taking time out and focusing on you then, you’re going to learn how to today!

Firstly what does Self Care mean? Self-care all about taking care of your emotional, physical, psychological, and if you agree, to rejuvenate your spiritual beliefs. (Whatever they may be.)

So let’s start with your physiological wellbeing! Grab a notebook and a nice pen, this going to be your safe space where you can unburden yourself without hurting anyone or having to face a consequence and fill in these questions for the week ahead.

What Three goals do want to achieve this week?

For example, i’d like to reach at least 100 new followers on my blog

How will you achieve this?

I would try and increase the content on my blog, check and increase the quality of my writing and reacquaint myself with my readers before finally start to cater towards my intended audience.

What will this help you improve in yourself and at work?

It would stretch my writing muscles, hone my instinct on what makes great content before fine tuning my self discipline, give me a sense of fulfilment and purpose, increase my communication with my audience and help me realise what I can achieve when I settle on an idea

Give yourself a mini step towards fulfilling your three main goals each day and get a sense of achievement when you tick off something on your to do list! Remember to reward yourself after each day too!

So let’s move on to your emotional well-being.

  • Track your mood from Monday to Sunday using the scale of one to ten and how many hours you sleep, you’ll be surprised how much these contribute to your emotional well-being!
  • Each day taking a moment to write down three positive things that happened each day and why they made you happy and how you can return the favour.
  • Under your mini gratitude log, write down three things that happened that made you angry or sad and call this your daily rant section. Then take a moment a write briefly how you overcame this challenge and what how learned from it, and write down a coping method that you could use in a different scenario.

Let’s move on to your physical well-being .

Write down every key thing you need to do this week and if the list is too big, break it down and write a more manageable schedule, making time to rest and relax.

Now I’m going to give you a list of basic self care tasks you can do in under two hours to mentally prepare yourself for the week ahead.

  • Iron your clothes for the week
  • Lay out your clothes and accessories for each day of the week and neatly put the outfits in your drawers.
  • Shave your arms and legs
  • Do your skincare
  • Plan healthy meals in advance, write any shopping lists in your journal – you can also bulk meal prep
  • Set up a family schedule in your kitchen or share itineraries with your partners or housemates
  • Paint your nails
  • Deep conditioning your hair
  • Restock your handbag with your on the go makeup faves
  • Put snacks in your handbag with a refillable water bottle
  • Put your handbag by the door with your shoes purse and car keys.
  • Charge your devices and update them
  • Go for a walk
  • No work after 7:30 pm
  • No screens after 9pm
  • Read a book for an hour
  • Watch your favourite TV show
  • Put petrol in your car the morning before work
  • Set up your commute beverage the night before so it’s boil, pour, grab and go
  • Do a bit of cathartic writing/Journalling (Nothing fancy, although I get my ideas from Pinterest)
  • Meditate with a scented candle
  • Have a bubble bath with a bath bomb
  • Cook / eat your favourite food
  • Work on a hobby or start one
  • Complete a long overdue task
  • Meet up with family and friends – plan fun events (still being mindful of social distancing, of course)
  • Have the day to yourself, if need be, to recharge.

Now finally let’s discuss your spiritual well-being. Now you guys know I’m an atheist but, I asked a friend and she gave me some suggestions.

  • You could create a spread celebrating your favourite verses, proverbs and the key messages of the books.
  • Host a gathering celebrating your teachings with songs, food and readings.
  • Read your favourite passages again and look at some that could help you with the events you have in the week ahead – annotate them a translate their meanings. One of my key revision strategies throughout my GCSEs and A-levels was annotate the text as if you were teaching an alien.
  • Write down your prayer list, select the top five and write to your chosen god as to why they deserve their help and what teachings could help them.

If you haven’t got a spiritual interest and are curious if it could help and benefit you then always conduct research with reliable sources. If you do visit a place of worship then remember, be respectful of their practices and go with open mind, ask relevant questions and make sure that you have good intentions before you start your spiritual journey, not just because it’s ‘popular’ or, your favourite celebrity follows it. You need to make sure the spiritual identity fits your personality.

With all this in mind, you have the key steps to a purposeful and relaxing Self Care Sunday!

Peace out!

Chickonwheelz xoxo

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