The Foodie Corner: Fibre Berry and Brownie blast Sundae (With Dairy and chocolate alternatives.)

This is a quick and easy desert that I created after I moved out and started my weight loss journey. I could make this in my wheelchair myself with no assistance in five minutes. I would save this as my Friday treat.

Ingredients :

  • Two Asda Fibre Brownies (80g)
  • 10 largr Dairy Milk chocolate buttons (25g)
  • Two scoops Strawberry Carte Dore Ice Cream (22.2g)

Calorie total = 806 Calories per serving


  • Scoop two servings of the strawberry ice cream in to your bowl
  • Stick one brownie on each side of the scoops of ice cream and press down so it looks like an ice cream wafer
  • Crush your buttons and sprinkle on top
  • Grab a spoon and enjoy!

Alternatively for those who live a vegan lifestyle or have to diary free, you could substitute the ice cream for a dairy free ice cream or frozen soy strawberry yoghurt.

Or another option, for those missing cheesecake, you could be to swap the brownies for half a digestive biscuit, vanilla ice cream or soy yoghurt and sprinkle with squeezed raspberries or sugar free jam.

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