Me and my disability: Back and blogging

Hi guys,

It’s me Chickonwheelz and I’m back and I’m going to start taking this blog seriously! I hope you haven’t all deserted me and are still on this crazy rollercoaster that’s my life.

So buckle yourself in for one hell of an update and an introduction for any first time readers!

I’m Rachel AKA Raimie AKA Chickonwheelz and I have Cerebral palsy and I love to write and share my pearls of wisdom that I’ve garnered over the years ranging from Fashion, Beauty, Books, Navigating through the maze that comes with a physical and an invisible disability. I also like to share my views on the LGBTQ and disabled community and raise awareness for minorities in need. I’ve also just moved out six months ago and now after two stays in two different temporary accommodations I finally have a permanent home, an empty shell to create my own oasis.

know what you’re thinking if you’ve scrolled through my archive you’ll find I’ve stayed in my lane writing about fashion and life with a disability but now I promise to raise awareness of more important interests as well as sharing what I’m passionate about, So, this is why I devised a schedule posting twice a day every other day in advance giving you some reassurance and a hug from your phone/tablet/computer screen.

The schedule is as follows

Sunday: Self care Sunday/Spoonie Sunday – Featuring an activity of self care // An in-depth look at a hidden disability looking at how it affects people, symptoms and signs, role models in the media and helpful tips and tricks to combat it

Monday: Mental health Monday – Featuring motivational quotes (I won’t object to you copying them and posting them on your Instagram unless, they are my designs that I’ve created then some credit would be appreciated // Make do and Mend a weekly list of ten hacks I have found useful since moving out and living independently with cerebral palsy.

Wednesday: Watch it, Read it Wednesday – Featuring posts recommending what’s on the box with one TV or movie review as well as some reading recommendations and a review. // Writers resource – Featuring 10 ten writing tips and tricks

Friday: Fashion Friday, featuring #OOTDS and beauty recommendations // Friyay! Featuring things that have made me smile this week!

Eek I’m so excited! I cannot wait to get started! I’ll also be revamping my new bungalow in between so I’ll keep you updated on that and who knows? I might give Chickonwheelz a revamp in six months time!

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