Me and My Disability: July 2021 update

Hi Gang!

I apologise for my absence but I’ve been just trying to get my barings with all the upheaval in a short space of time.

I have moved from my temporary property in Porthcawl back to Kenfig Hill, temporarily living in a respite Center for people with learning difficulties.

My previous property was great but then as soon as they got a surveyor in, it all went tits up. There was a lot of hidden problems that needed to be sorted. I was led to believe I could stay there whilst the work was carried out but, that was not to be the case.

The housing department didn’t even tell me I had to move, it was all down to my social worker who kept us in the loop. The letting agent wanted my out within three days and she didn’t tell me face herself. If it wasn’t for my social worker going above to adult social services, I would be stuck in a hostel or care home. Once the letting agent agreed that there were things like the carers to sort out at the new placement and equipment, she extended the deadline by two days.

Admist all this, I had really bad pain flare ups and my MRI (Still waiting for the results.)

So it was just myself and my mum with Meg helping me move into this little room for four weeks. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy and mistakes were made but that was all to do with a lack of communication higher up.

So it’s been one week and things are calming down a bit, I’ve been able to get out twice this week without Meg to go to Asda and the library, my grandparents are taking me out tomorrow lunch time sfter my wheelchair fitting and, I’m finally sorting my hair out Saturday! I’ve splurged a bit this month too and brought several new tops and one dress… I suppose I’ll have to shave now! (Lawn mower more like!)

I’m also trying to lose some weight and back down to a size 14, so I’m on a calorie deficit of 1500 calories a day, it’s day two and I’ve managed no snacking in between meals so far.

The best bit about The Cuckoos Nest, is there’s no wifi a part from my phone, so I don’t have to hand in my final assignment till the end of Agugust, all I’ve got to concentrate on is rewriting my four other assignments with my tutor feedback ready for assessment in November. Then this godforsken module will be done and I’ll have finished my first year of university!

My pain has been okayish I suppose but my wheelchair is definitely not helping but, that’s being sorted!

Today I had a lovely day in Swansea with my mam, we went to Primark, Waterstones and Swansea Market for Welsh cakes. Then we caught up with my Aunty Sam before coming home.

As I say, I don’t know where I’ll be in three weeks time, it could be more temporary accommodation or somewhere permanent but, what I do know is whatever happens it will be interesting. I promise to keep you all in the know!

I’ll post photo of my new haircut on Saturday!

I hope wherever this finds you that you are safe, happy and healthy. If you ever need a friendly shoulder to cry on, I’m only a keystroke away.

Lots of love,

Chickonwheelz, on a disabled gap year. (See Facebook if you want to figure out what the hell that means.)

What I’m interested in right now:

Currently Reading Circe by Madeline Miller and Poison heart by Kaylynn Bayronn

Song on repeat I love me by Demi Lovato

TV Show Baptiste

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