The Writing Corner – New LGBTQ WIP: The Hands Of Fate

Embarking on writing my first novel aimed at LBGTQ women… it’s about time I wrote something that actually reflects me as a writer. I’ve also made sure the characters are diverse both in ethnicity and personality. Finally, there’s Ronnie who has a disability and is a wheelchair user. The novel itself flicks between my two main characters Vanessa and Ronnie, it looks back at all the events like their very different up bringing’s, to finding themselves, first loves, etc. I hope that through my narrative I provide my take on the answer the ultimate question; ‘Does Fate/Divine intervention decide our destinies?’ The narrative will also show them both dealing with the reactions of being in an interable relationship) A Term used when a disabled person meets and enters a relationship with an able bodied person) and the challenges and often changes of course direction that come with it.

My dream for this manuscript is for it to be published by Ylva Publishing who has provided me with ample representation of myself in their literature. I would like to thank Jody Klaire for opening my eyes to this vibrant genre all those years ago. I hope my story will resonate with LGBTQ disabled women too. I one day would like to be like Lee Winters (Author of #Breakingcharacter) and Jae Author (Author of The Hollywood Series) and Clare Lydon

So if you don’t hear from me for a while it’s because I’m busy in the land of make believe #AmwritingLGBTQ

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