The Fashion and Beauty Corner: Three easy looks – Y2K Fashion/Casual Fashion/Formal Fashion

This outfit is inspired by none other than the fabulous Demi Lovato! Since the end of 2020 and the start of 2021 Demi has revived late 90’s and early 2000’s chic, otherwise known as #Y2K. Now what exactly is that you may ask? Well here’s the definition from The

Technically, Y2K covers the late ’90s and early-to-mid 2000s, so for millennials, it captures the energy (and shopping habits) of your childhood and early teens. This era was undeniably defined by women who ruled pop culture at the time.

So think early Destiny’s Child, Brittany Spears (#FreeBritany) and bands like S Club 7 and The Spice Girls. Basically it’s now trendy to re live the glory days of body glitter, side partings, butterfly clips, hooped earrings and caked on makeup complete with silver and blue eye shadow, a foundation too orange for your face and using concealer as a lipstick.

Demi isn’t the only one reliving the glory days you’ve got Vanessa Hudgens, Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner who are partial to some tiny coloured lensed sunglasses, itty bitty purses that just about hold your debit card, the iconic bucket hat, cargo pants and a tie dyed sweatshirt or too! This look is back in fashion particularly with the millennials and Gen Z’s who are taking over tiktok right now. *sighs* ahhh the good old days when skinny jeans and layers of crop tops and cardigans were acceptable attire. Not forgetting the raccoon eyeliner phase and swept over helmet hair with a bathroom mirror selfie with your Canonn Digital Camera…

My second look is geared towards student teachers and mums at the school gates who don’t want to look too mumsy (You know the whole cashmere jumper, pearls and heels look?) or look too much like you’re reliving your teenage years… This is the middle ground; you can still seem professional and comfortable so that you radiate warmth but with a little bit of edge. Why shouldn’t you dress up for the school run if it makes you feel better. But remember; it’s not a competition just a confidence boost – This is time when people won’t just see you’re ‘just a mum’ but have had a life before it. Mum’s tend to put their kids first, so every once in a while you should buy or wear something that makes YOU happy and feeling radiant. Whilst we know brands don’t matter, a lot can be said about our personalities through our clothing like our moods and interests but still without condoning stereotypes and prejudice.

US Teachers this would be perfect for everyday teaching and appealing to the teenage crowd whilst UK teachers, save outfits like these for non uniform where this outfit (if you like this casual edgey style that is, and it’s okay if you don’t – you could leave the bits you’re uncomfortable with out and the outfit will still work and be a refreshing change either in the school run or in the classroom) will give an indication that you have a whole other life and let students see into usually hidden aspects about your personality. Non uniform days are usually centred around fun activities and a chance to loosen up in aid for a good cause or achievement so I think your outfit should express it too,

My third look is a little bit more romantic and formal. To me this screams office chic and it would be perfect for Lunch with the in laws, a date straight after work (Put all the unneeded shit in the backpack in the car, job interview, a teaching day and parent and teacher conferences. This look says you have elegance, grace and seem calm collected and organised (Perfect for meeting your SO’s parents!) it’s a very traditional and feminine look that anyone can pull off as long as you’re comfortable and that equals confidence.

My inspiration for this outfit was The Duchess of Cambridge who’s style is formal but at the same time says she’s approachable. This also gives me 1940’s vibes with the empire line dress and floral pattern much like Vera Lynn, Brigid Bardot and my favourite, Audrey Hepburn. You could wear this outfit for almost any occasion, for winter you could add a trench coat, a maroon/ dark berry red lip, with navy velvet boots (Like Ariana Grande) a light blue scarf, gloves and matching beret! You could even swap the bag for a navy tote bag and add a simple pearl necklace and earrings. Put it all together and you’ll look as if you’d stepped out of Manhattan doing Christmas shopping. #Clutchthepearlsandhailthetaxi. If duchess vibes aren’t your thing you could dress this down with a leather jacket, layered necklaces, winged eyeliner with your hair in a messy bun with silver stud earrings, tied together with black converse shoes and leather like leggings!

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