Me and my Disability: Things I’ve learned since living independently for nearly two weeks

  • Working out your monthly expenses is a great way to save money by giving yourself a realistic budget.
  • The loo roll doesn’t magically get replaced by the toilet fairy
  • Check everyday what needs to be eaten in your fridge, otherwise it will go off.
  • Don’t think that because it’s Sunny you should sit on the deck… wind can be very deceiving and you’ll catch a cold.
  • Taxi’s are way too overpriced
  • Learn to use the washing machine because with a catheter you’ll be putting on a wash everyday.
  • To save your mattress from period stains or catheter leakages use kids dry night bed sheets.
  • Too much fibre can be a good thing.
  • When batch cooking and freezing make sure you write the date you cooked the food on the bag/tub
  • Have a meal plan otherwise you’ll binge on crap.
  • Keep your receipts to track any impulse spending
  • Keep any texts between you and your landlord/letting agent.
  • The dishwasher is a waste of electricity, water and money unless you’ve had a dinner party the night before. It’s less hassle to clean dishes by hand.
  • Store own brands are just as good as big brand names.
  • Set a reminder to put the bins out each week.
  • Do a list the night before of any chores, errands or admin you need to do.

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