The Mental Health and Well-being Corner: Increasing your emotional bandwidth by Lynn C MacDonald

The way I see it……

In a “world” that tells you:
Life is hard
Change is hard
You are broken

You have to cope and manage stress, anxiety and depression for the rest of your life.

Did you know, we ALL are fundamentally well? We all have the capacity for innate resilience now. I am sure no one told you that.

In a “world” that tells you:
Eat this, not that
Eat more protein to lose weight
You should weigh this (number)
You are an emotional stress eater

Did you know, we ALL are fundamentally well? We all have the capacity for innate eating, knowing and TRUSTING how and when to eat. I am sure no one told you that.

In a “world’ that tells you:

You have insomnia because of the pandemic.
You are stressed because you fear the unknown.
You are depressed because of the weather, the cold dreary dark days of winter.
You are addicted to food because you can’t stop thinking about food.

Did you know, we ALL are fundamentally well? We all have the capacity for innate well-being/mental health now. I am sure no one told you that one!

What’s missing from this picture?

The inside-out understanding of how reality REALLY works.

Like me, you are ONLY ever experiencing thoughts and feelings coming through you in the moment, NOT the CIRCUMSTANCES, such as the past, sugar, a number on the scale, your body image, tight clothes, the weather, the pandemic, “difficult people”, etc.

What a relief!

All feelings only come from you through the Power of Thought, there are no exceptions.

Once I understood on the insightful level (not from the analytical mind because that won’t change your life) it was ONLY coming from me, I was creating my own experience because that is what the mind does, it’s illusionary.

My mind naturally quieted down on its’ own. When I understood, I had a lot less on my mind.

There was NOTHING for me to do. I was able to embody it and live it, effortlessly. No tools or tips needed. No watching or observing thoughts.

There’s LESS to DO when you know how something works.

You spend more time being instead of doing.

You spend more time living unlived life instead of struggling, coping and managing.

At 33 years old I gave up the diet world I lived in most of my life and all the junk that comes with it that reinforces being disembodied. I said goodbye to cucumber sandwiches which I ate in 8th grade to lose weight. I said goodbye to starving myself to lose weight because I viewed calories as dangerous. Actually, at 32 years old I ended up in the ER because of what doesn’t happen to you when you don’t eat. I am sure you get the picture.

The poor outdated advice over the years clogged my already confused mind about how to lose weight for good and how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Don’t eat that, reach your goal weight, count your points, count your carbs, fruit has too much sugar, etc. It’s no surprise people are still stuck in the rollercoaster ride of dieting. Over the years, I’ve met many people who have no idea how to eat without some type of diet/food plan and support.

It comes down to a lack of trust. When you don’t trust yourself, you think you’ll go crazy and eat like you are out of control. Trust gets covered up by the mounds of thinking we have about food, feelings and life.

I’ve come to see trust is always there. Once thinking settles we can listen to our innate inner wisdom, like Waze, your GPS. I don’t know about you, but I can’t find my way out of a paper bag. I live on Waze when I drive places I’ve never been.

In life, I rely on my wisdom to empower me to make different choices and embody self-leadership. I always know what to do next.

Narrowing the gap between how reality already works and the way we believe it works, we see and live life differently, naturally and effortlessly.

What would this understanding do for you, your health — mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually?

If your wisdom is speaking now, feel free to reach out to me to learn more about the inside-out understanding of life. I am available at

With Gratitude,


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