Me and My Disability: First few days living independently

Hi guys,

So it’s been a few days since I moved into my bungalow and I am loving it.

I am able to do so much more and enjoy the simple things like putting dishes away in the dishes, making a cuppa myself and even choosing my clothes and perfume myself! I love that I get to go to bed at 10 at night rather than six and not have to be hoisted ten times a day! My back is so much better not to mention my chest with the fresh sea air and no mouldy walls!!

The house is truly wonderful! Here’s some pics below. The letting agent and housing team have worked wonders to make this place perfect for me! Sure, there’s a few tweaks but, what house doesn’t need them from time to time.

I cannot describe how good it feels to tell you that my armchair is no longer my prison. I am able to go out and about I’m moving from room to room with ease and with carers four times a day, I can choose when I’ve had a enough in my wheelchair or if I want to go back in it to go out for an evening walk in the summer. The house has so much natural light that it truly lifts my mood and it strikes the right balance of snuggley- ness in the evenings.

I love that I live by the sea and on warm days I enjoy lunch and reading on the deck it’s just picturesque!

For those worrying, I have carers four times a day, I lovely PA who just happens to be my cousins and an abundance of family members I can call if I need help. So I am no way abandoned like the trolls suggest.

I’m so proud of myself of showing my independence who’s boss and returning the love that my family give and show that I can be a well rounded and strong woman. I’ve taken to independent living like a duck to water.

Finally, my keysafe was installed this morning!! I’ve just settled down with a cuppa, hot water bottle and electric blanket after coming back an hour ago from my adventure into a very windy porthcawl town Center. Huge thank you to my PA Meg you were fabulous, particularly across busy roads and in the tightly packed shops. Of course no trip into porthcawl is complete without a pit stop at Mansell’s in porthcawl for his legendary chips and then to the piccolo bar for a raspberry ripple swirl ice cream. Now just settling down with some afternoon telly, I even remembered to phone the district nurses to change my address ready for my next catheter change on the 16th of March!

I even pushed myself by making conversation with an elderly lady who’s husband, best friend and brother in law have dementia and was feeling a bit overwhelmed because social services were doing the bar minimum. I gave her my address and told her that the kettle is always on if she needs advice or to discuss options for additional help.

I’m not just surviving, but thriving and proving everybody and even myself wrong. I fully understand that some people aren’t able to reach the level of independence that I have and needs to do what’s best for you. Just set yourself small manageable goals and it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get there or even if you have to move the goalposts, once you achieve it it will be the best serotonin boost you ever receive. Long story short whatever level of independence you can have big or small come and grab it with both hands and don’t let something like a disability stop you!

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