Me and My Disability: February’s pain flare – An update

Hi guys,

So as you know I’m struggling with this severe pain flare and today I updated my GP.

I’ve told her how I am struggling to manage this pain despite my extensive everyday medications so, she’s prescribed me 10mg of diazepam x 3 a day for three days.

She’s also contacted MCAS and is in the process of expediting my spinal imaging appointment as an urgent case to be seen sooner.

Don’t get me wrong I understand the severity of this pandemic and how much people are struggling themselves with this cruel virus but there is only so much I can take. I just want my mind put at rest where hopefully we can figure out a treatment plan so that I can be out of this severe pain and prevent further painful episodes.

Yes, I know that diazepam isn’t the answer and I only take it on a need by need basis with a 72hr break in between. I don’t take any joy in being prescribed with these meds. I’m not taking them for the fun of it, and for all the good they do please keep in mind that they have horrible side-effects; such as depressive moods, excessive sweating and itching.

To an outsider my daily medication may seem sufficient and sometimes over the top but at the end of the day what they need to realise is that there are ups and downs with chronic pain. I often think that if people wanted to step into my shoes, they be more than welcome but they wouldn’t last a week during a flare up

I just want to write this to say if you see someone struggling with chronic pain and see them taking meds, please don’t assume they want to take them. We have to just to be comfortable and be able to function.

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