Mental Health: Meet our new Mental Health Columnist Lynn MacDonald

I’d love to introduce Lynn! She’s going to be taking over the Mental Health side of my blog and hopefully we’ll branch out into an agony aunt section. You’re questions will be posted anonymously (Unless you give us permission) and we can help you.

About Me

In my life, I’ve been a corporate trainer for a Fortune 500 company. I’ve been a yoga teacher with consistently sold out classes and a professional hypnotherapist successfully curing some of the biggest fears and phobias people have.

All of this, plus studying with some of the highest-level teachers on the planet has led me to an understanding of human nature. It’s from this place I help people live life from what is instead of what isn’t.

I’ve come to see that every reinvention raised my level of understanding about life allowing me to live more from a place of wisdom, resilience and self-love.  

I’ve been obsessed about what makes people tick.  I was curious why people had a hard time changing. They would make some progress then revert back. 

It wasn’t until I came across the inside-out understanding of life.  Specifically, how are experience of life is created.  That we all live in a thought-created “reality”, no exceptions. 

I’ve come to see that innate mental health/well-being resides in everyone now.  It’s only from an innocent misunderstanding of where people think their experience of life comes from causes them to suffer unnecessarily. 

When the misunderstanding falls away, habits, anxiety, depression, non-serving behaviors, etc. die a sudden death. A world of hope and possibilities appear.

For over 20 years I’ve been working in the field of transformation helping people get more out of their lives.


Website: lynnmacdonald.commy new site will be available shortly)

Lynn MacDonaldCEO Mission Possible You Transformative Coaching, LLC3 Principles Practitioner, Mentor & Speaker
www.missionpossibleyou@gmail.comFailure to commit is the high cost of low living!
What is it you want to commit too?

2 thoughts on “Mental Health: Meet our new Mental Health Columnist Lynn MacDonald

  1. Rachel, I am honored and grateful to be a part of this inspiring blog. You put your heart and soul into this blog helping others. I look forward to this journey and helping to point those who want to look into a new direction, that we are all fundamentally well. We all have innate mental health now.

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