Rebranding: Welcome to Chickonwheelz!

Hello everybody!

I’ve had a little think and I’ve decided to rebrand my social media presence and be seen more as a disability/mental health blogger. However, this does not mean I will stop writing, I just feel that raising awareness of the trials and tribulations of a disability is more important to me. So instead of being known as The Rachel Diaries/ Authorrachelm I shall now go by RMChickonwheelz and posting on to Chickonwheelz. If you could give me a like there and maybe a follow on my blog, I’d be extremely grateful.

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4 thoughts on “Rebranding: Welcome to Chickonwheelz!

  1. Hi Rachel.

    We were in the same Break-Out room this morning in Latte and Live. My name is Jo Swift. I have put my details below so that you can contact me when you are ready for me to help you with your proofreading.

    Kind Regards

    Jo Swift Proofreading Services

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