Me and my Disability: Some misconceptions about having a disability

  • Just because I have cerebral palsy and use a wheelchair 24/7 doesn’t mean I can’t have sex or have children.
  • Not everybody needs to use a mobility aid full time. For example, my friend has Cerebral Palsy but is able to walk short distances with crutches/walker/can but some days for long distances she uses her wheelchair, especially if she’s tired. So if you see someone without the usual mobility aid, please consider this scenario next time and don’t accuse them of faking it.
  • I don’t sleep in my wheelchair.
  • Not all disabled adults have the mind of a young child, nor do we stay children forever.
  • Just because you may have the same disability as someone else doesn’t mean your life will be the same them. There is a wide spectrum disabilities including cerebral palsy. Think of your disability as something unique like a strand of DNA or a fingerprint; whilst we may fall under the umbrella of cerebral palsy or any other disability just remember that we’re all a bit different.
  • Not all disabled people date other disabled people and nor do we date able bodied beings so they become are carers. We are entitled to romantic relationships just like everybody else.
  • Not all disabled people are into para sports, they can have other interests like, The creative arts.
  • Just because somebody can’t communicate in the conventional way doesn’t mean their opinions, wants, needs and desires should be disregarded.
  • Not all disabled people live with their parents for their entire lives.
  • Don’t be surprised if a disabled person has a degree or a job, we can do everything (within reason) that anybody else can do.
  • Not all disabled people are as innocent as you expect. I can party, drink, be wild, be smutty and corse just like any other twenty something.
  • Disabled bodies are beautiful and just because we have a diagnosis doesn’t mean we aren’t anything less than beautiful. Everybody is in their own way.
  • Not all disabilities are visible
  • Our accommodations and access requirements needed in life should never be disregarded because it’s awkward for others. We are entitled to the same experiences like everybody else and our necessities shouldn’t impact that.

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