Fashion: DisneyBounding – The last of the Disney Princesses

First up we have Tiana and I’ve tried to keep it realistic to her film’s period

Then we have Merida with a classic romper in Celtic green. I wanted to highlight the more Tom Boy elements of her personality which I hope is reflected in this modern take on this Disney Bound outfit.

Next, we have my favourite quarantined princess, Rapunzel. I wanted a more casual look for this Disney bound outfit inspiration for those who may not feel comfortable in dresses/skirts. Overall I think this reflects her whimsical, romantic and girly personality well.

We’re going from Corona (Rapunzel’s kingdom) to Arendelle now with our favourite Disney sisters, Elsa and Anna. I’ve taken inspiration from the first film where we see a contrast in their colour palettes and personalities; Anna is very gung-ho and adventurous whilst Elsa in the first film is very delicate and reserved which I hope is highlighted by the tulle gown with light train and lace gloves.

Finally, we have Moana who is very spontaneous and valient in her quest to save her village. I love the feminist vibes she gives me and I hope that this is reflected in this rather boho look where I made sure I included blue elements to represent her destiny and the traditional red and sand colours to reflect her love of the outdoors and pride in her culture and traditions.

That’s it for the Disney Princess series! If you want to know where to buy these outfits, head to my Shoplook page at:

Comment down below if you’d like this to be a regular series where I gather outfit inspiration for our beloved disney characters (both Human, Fairy and Animal!)

Who would you like to see next?

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