Fashion: Disneybounding – What is it? And 8 Disney Princess inspired outfits

What is Disney Bounding?

Cosplaying has made its way into the mainstream. But unless you’re a diehard Disney fan, chances are you haven’t heard of “Disneybounding.”

For the uninitiated, Disneybounding is a subtler, more fashion-forward way for fans to show their love for Disney. Instead of wearing full-on costumes as cosplayers do, Disneybounders dress up in stylish, everyday outfits (known as Disneybounds) that are simply inspired by a particular character.

Here are the first 8 Disney Princesses; Snow White, Cinderella, Briar Rose, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine and Mulan! I haven’t done a fashion post in awhile (since before Christmas) so I thought why not combine two of my favourite things, clothes and Disney!

Disneybounding is a great way to express your love for your favourite Disney character and is encouraged rather than adults dressing up because if you are caught swearing or doing anything unsavoury in the park people won’t mistake you for one of the park actors and you most importantly, won’t break the magic for the children or besmirch Disney’s family reputation.

If you want to know where to get all the garments/Makeup head to my ShopLook page:

Come back tomorrow to see outfit inspiration for Tiana, Merida, Rapunzel, Elsa, Anna and Moana! If you guys love this series, once I’ve done all the princesses I’ll move on to some other Disney characters so, Comment below or tweet me @authorrachelm and tell me who you want to see after the official Princesses.

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