Fashion: Three days of Christmas

The first outfit is perfect for last minute Christmas shopping without being too flashy, all you need is a trench coat, a shopping list with coupons and you’re good to go. I personally love floral blouses especially this one with the autumnal colour palette and it’s floaty Teflon fabric with the low cut neckline and bow detail. I think that Bohemian style isn’t just for Spring and summer, you can incorporate little elements into your outfits all year round – a perfect living example of this is the queen of Coachella herself, Vanessa Hudgens – just a quick scroll throw her Instagram and you’ll see for yourself how she manages to pull off the whimsical gypsy floral princess vibe all year round no matter the weather. However if you want to add layers to wrap against the chill you can always wear a camisole underneath the top with the classic Alexander McQueen scarf tied around your neck, a brown beanie and brown faux fur gloves can tie the outfit together, so that you can stay warm and stylish as you pound the pavements looking for last minute deals.

The second outfit is perfect for office Christmas parties. This entire ensemble will appeal to those who want an understated outfit as apposed to sequins and short hemlines. (Not that there’s anything wrong with the latter outfit choice it’s just some people may feel more comfortable wearing something like this.) This outfit is sophisticated with classic understated Pearl and floral jewellery. The gold accented handbag and bejewelled pumps add a little bit of glamour without being too over the top. (Especially, if that’s not your thing) This outfit is comfortable and chic. The knitted dress will provide warmth against the winter nights but, if you prefer you could wear small cream gloves, and gold pashmina with nude tights to tie the outfit together and to give you that extra bit of warmth whilst still being glamorous. If you want to add an old Hollywood glamour element, you could swap the gold pashmina for a faux fur stole or cape to go around your shoulders. Think Ava Gardner or Viven Lee. To go the extra mile you could set your hair in a victory roll and team with a bold red lip and false lashes and eyeliner.

The third outfit is perfect for the day after the night before or ideal for a day wrapping Christmas gifts and watching Christmas movies. Ariana grande is known for her oversized sweaters as well as Kim Kardashian who loves wearing sweats and leggings (Particularly garments of her own brand like Skims). I love these faux fur lined Ugg slippers and this knited cotton J Crew Hoodie in creamy too Give your face a break from all that makeup by practice some self care or beauty maintenance like:

  • A face mask (I recommend the Garnier sheet masks, affordable and less messy with enough serum left in the pack for a second application.
    A manicure/ Pedicure
    Shave legs, arms and your vajayjay
    Give your hair a deep conditioner and snip off any dead ends.
    Apply moisturiser and balms
    Have a bubble bath
    Turn on your diffuser (lavender is really relaxing!)
    Read a book/magazine
    Practice mindfulness ready for the hectic mayhem of the Christmas holidays.

I wish you all a happy and fashionable Christmas! Here’s the link to my ShopLook page so you know where to get thes gorgeous garments:

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