Scriptwriting module: The first days journal entry

Dear Journal,

Well, it’s day two of my scriptwriting module and already my head is swimming! There’s so much to learn; terminology, formatting and the complicated dance that is relying on actors to convey the story you’ve put your heart and soul into and then there’s the idea that if it’s not conveyed right that its reception will be poor. At least when you the author you have the control of the situation; you can turn down the heat if the pot begins to boil over and if needed turn up the heat. With scriptwriting, yes there is the benefit of your working coming to life but then there are time constraints to consider especially in film. You could pour hours into a scene then for it to be discarded by producers and directors who deem to know better when it comes to marketing and reception. At least when an author and differentiate over written material – the author can argue their case with the editor of how this once scene can benefit the entire novel as a whole and whilst they respect the editor’s knowledge and expertise the editor, in turn, respects the author’s artistic licence.

Whereas there’s not the responsibility to the scriptwriter to be mindful of budget and overheads and in some cases limited physical restraints and at times technology too.

Also with scriptwriting, you often find that the actors and directors receive all the praise whilst the writer who isn’t doing this for fame or glory in some cases but in fact to put a serious issue across is almost lost, especially if the film is a hit.

Is scriptwriting for me? I don’t know, but some times a push outside the comfort zone is what’s needed to truly blossom. One thing I know is that scriptwriters and screenwriters deserve a lot more recognition and praise.

It is they who after all, pull the pieces of life together and weave it together for it to translate on stage or screen but then is often left to the mercy of actors, directors and producers to convey it perfectly as you imagined whilst writing. It# almost like purgatory and you wait with bated breath in the hope that your script is green-lighted. They say fiction writing is all about chance, well, from my experience looking through the overall course spec I would say that scriptwriting is like a lottery or a game of bingo if you miss out on one element no matter how small it has the power to unravel the whole thing in one fell swoop.

That being said, I won’t let this world that requires complicated formulas to pull off the smoke and mirrors in the name of entertainment intimidate me.

I’ve got a story to tell; several in fact, a whole menagerie that stretches to the four corners of the earth, that requires myself to travel through time and unburden my innermost thoughts and feelings on to a page. Whether my dreams come to fruition through a novel or a script; is for me to find out.

If I don’t make mistakes then what’s the point in learning.

I never really believed in the proverb that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, who’s to say that this dog is too old anyway.

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