Me and My Disability: Pelvic Flare update 30.11.2020

Hi guys,

So as you know I’ve bed. Struggling with my pelvis and hips these past couple of weeks and it’s no better. I spoke to the GP this morning and she’s referring me back to the muscular skeletal clinic where they can assess me and decide what investigations need to be done. I will also be going back to my GP next week to discuss how I’m getting on with the increased 30 mg of Zoramorph. The MCAS team did suggest an alternative opioid but I want to give this increase a chance to work.

I’ve just had my meeting with the pain psychologist on the phone and she’s going to forward me some presentations she think may be useful in regards to pain management but is going to wait until I go to the musculoskeletal clinic and have all the assessments done before creating my action plan. She’s really proud that I don’t give into the pain at the first sign of discomfort. I explain to her what the pain is how I distract myself and how I manage with the diazepam. Like I explained to her today my pain is at level eight (due to showering and rough carers) and it really hurts but I don’t like taking opiates during the day.

I’m also meeting with my social worker and care manager tomorrow to discuss in detail about my care plan, what’s working and what’s not. I’ll also be reiterating to them about my pain sensitivity at the moment and how they can help.

I’ve also applied to the local a housing association in PontyClyn to see if they can offer me an adapted property quicker than my local authority.

So I’ll keep you guys posted!

Love RM

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