Disability tips and tricks: What you need to know.

  • Physical disability or invisible disability; if you fit the criteria I would highly suggest you apply for a radar key which is free as long as you provide proof of your disability and this will allow you to access any disabled toilet within the UK. Similarly, if you have bowel or bladder issues you can get a card that entitles you to be able to use staff toilets if there are none available for customers in the department store. You can also skip queues (with the hope that the person in front of you or the attendant of the toilet is sympathetic)
  • do you want to go to your local theatre or attend a community class but need a PA? All you need to do is apply for a card under the creative Cymru scheme for £6 a year which will entitle you to a concession and your PA enter for free.
  • When applying for a bus pass or railcard, but need a companion to travel for whatever reason, if you apply under certain schemes and provide evidence, your companion may ride for free or pay a concession.
  • Did you know that cinemas are obliged to use subtitles in when asked on the day or, they run special screenings at concessions. This also applies to those in need of audio description.
  • If a person who has additional learning needs but wants to travel independently, they can apply for special lanyards that will indicate to transport staff that gentle assistance is needed; from finding platforms, signing announcements, using communication cards and even finding a quiet place to explain the process in places like an airport to prevent sensory overload.
  • If you have a disability and the school is organising a trip to somewhere inaccessible and is unwilling to accommodate your needs you can complain to the school Senco.
  • Do you have a frequent turn over of Carers? Create a little ’About me section’ that outline your preferences for certain tasks fro,m your care plan that they can read beforehand so you don’t need to explain each task and can spend more time getting to know each other!
  • Ginger tea/ biscuits can help combat measure from new meds.
  • Heated bean bags are a friendly alternative to a hot water bottle, you won’t need to fill a heavy kettle or risk scalding yourself.
  • An added massage function to your most used armchair can help combat back pain.
  • A TENS machine can help with acute pain (unless your like me and can’t handle sharp shocks because of my startle reflex)
  • A little tea caddy that you can place your mug under is a great alternative to filling up a kettle.
  • Adding a little bit of blue tack to your pen or makeup brush can help with your grip.

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