Me and my disability: Pelvic flare up day eight

So guys, as you know I’ve been struggling with my latest flare up and that we are on day eight. This is unusual because my flareups only last 3 to 4 days. I’ve tried everything from diazepam to oramporph, hot water bottles and even physio and yet know relief.

So I bit the bullet and rang the GP this morning, ironically called Dr Foster but was lovely nevertheless and more importantly took me seriously which for me is great because I’ve encountered many a doctor who thought they best and have often made me feel ashamed for voicing my concerns over my persistent pain.

So here’s my action plan for the time being:

She is writing to the pain team to request a spinal MRI, lumbar MRI and pelvic MRI and she said stick with the five mils of Oramorph. She’s also upped my is zomorphh to 30mg And she’s given me 14 days worth so it will be in line with my next prescription She was very lovely it was Dr Foster and she said that an updated MRI would be great because my last one was in August 2018.

Even if nothing turns up it’ll be nice to have my mind at rest. However, I am trusting my gut and I know somethings up.

Stay safe and trust your gut if you’re concerned about your medications or chronic pain. Make your voice heard and surround yourself with a good support system if you need it. Plus, you know my email is always open.

Love always from you buxom bookworm and witty writer,


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