Book Review: The girl she wanted by K. L. Slater

Genre: New adult thriller


I trust my sister Carrie with my daughter’s life.

But then she’s accused of a terrible crime.

Carrie lives under our roof, she pushes my daughter on the swings, she takes her out for ice cream.

You might ask, why do I let her? Why would I risk my darling baby? How could I let my sister stay?

Because I have a dangerous secret too. One that only Carrie knows about. And if that secret gets out, I could lose my little girl…

Rating: 5/5

My verdict: Firstly thank you to Netgalley for letting me read this amazing arc and I am for sure going to add KL to my favourite authors list. This book has it all; domineering relationships, tackles post natal depression, loyalty and even a god like complex as well as a need for bitter twisted revenge due to an incident that happened years ago.

The writing is sharp and does what every thriller should do: give you goosebumps, it should have such believable characters that spring from the page and with each red herring at the end of each chapter will have you question your loyalty to each and everyone and second guess what we’ve all been told.

This book isn’t about medical malpractice but deceit, revenge, back stabbing and domestic abuse allegations all whilst this nurse is to clear her name and teamed with her sister will do whatever it takes. I could easily see this being turned into a BBC drama. I loved how each chapter was an alternative point of view and how quickly secrets between friends can come out and how passed trauma can come back to haunt you.

An excellent thriller about loyalty and honesty from an author who saw to write about a subject that is certainly outside of the norm. Major props to K.L Slater for keeping the readers on their toes and never to accept things on face value alone.

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