PSA: To all my readers

Hello all,

Firstly let me apologise for the lack of posts. With this second lockdown I feel that my life has become very mundane but, I assure you I’m fine.

I’ve been busy prepping for nanowrimo so that my WIP, A Spoonful of Sugar is all planned out and ready to go. Ideally I’d like to write 2500 words a day but I know I need to be realistic and account for days when I have flare ups,

I promise I will have a review at Shalini Bolands latest thriller The Wife posted by the end of the week and a piece of poetry inspired by last months Writer’s Forum challenge surrounding the theme of knots.

Right now I am enjoying watching Jane the Virgin on Netflix, playing stardew Valley and reading books like Followers by Megan Angelo, HP: Order of the Phoenix and my latest acquisition from Netgalley of a YA multicultural novel called Hijab and Red Lipstick.

Hang tight friends, follow the rules and have a little Faith Trust and Pixie Dust so we can go out and about again and most importantly see our loved ones.

This is a reminder to check in on those you love and who are vulnerable; they might say they are managing when actually they’re feeling depleted so a phone call, FaceTime, a chat on the door step (two meters apart of course), a postcard/ letter through the post or an offer to do their shopping would be most welcome.

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