Poem: The Knot

A tiny seed has been sown,

A product of a night of passion.

it slowly blooms and opens

The knot begins.

The passing of love and care from me to you begins instantly

I’m rest assured as I know, cradled away from the world

does my seedling surely grow.

Then slowly does the knot between two souls tighten with each passing day

As I marvel at my seedling watching its bud unfurl and grow.

This knot formed inside my garden for you

The knot is a form of magic only we’ll know as I hope it passes on my love and care so that you can grow.

As the weeks and months go on our knot is tested there’s highs and lows and as long as you still cling on I’ll never let go.

I start to talk to you late at night hoping the knot will pass on my hopes and dreams for you. I start to wonder what colours you’ll show and if you’ll have an inkling of the whispered words I muttered to you long ago.

I come to terms with our knot coming undone and we go from one to two. It will be slashed red and angry and our magic gone the knot undone, we are two now not one.

The knot may not be visible and even as you put up walls of emotion and gradually test the limits. Youthink that I’m harsh remember the cord and our love spent together those nine months, it’s a magic that cannot break.

So pull, tug and unfurl away. My love for you is as solid as this knot that binds our llve, even as you move on in life it will never break apart for we are knotted by the our hearts

This knot will represent all the time and love we spent and know that when you are grown and I am gone, the magic between us my child lives on.

When you have children of your own, remember that you are not alone for the knot that binds you and yours shall lead you home.

Always remember that the knots from child and parent that stem from the heart can span oceans and grasslands but the knots shall ever part.

So bloom my darling little bud and grow remember when you need it this knot of love will guide you on forever and always and remind you of the magic of love.


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