Me and My Disability: Hoisting Horror & DPD Debarcle

So as you’ll have learned from my last post on Monday we had a power cut and my mum must have put the hoist up too high after hoisting me on to my bedroom transfer chair and unfortunately it jammed. Also, because of the powercut the hoist needed to be reset.

So of course, this meant that I couldn’t be hoisted on to the stairlift or into the bathroom to have a shower, meaning I was stuck upstairs. Luckily, I had Netflix and wifi so I was able to write some book reviews and watch Jane The Virgin.

I rang at 8:30 to report the hoist not working and they said they’d put it as urgent and they’d be here within two hours to fix it which meant I could go downstairs lunchtime. Quarter to bloody three they turned up. But luckily it was an easy fix and it was sorted.

That wasn’t my only debacle of the day, DPD have been refusing to deliver my catheter supplies and even my new iPhone without a sufficient reason. So I complained to Apple and the prescription service and they had the cheek to say they attempted a delivery on the 2nd of October which was the Friday my mum was off and they said she refused the parcel but we had no deliveries that day and my mum was tracking the parcel and it was saying it was still in the depot and then on the Saturday she had an email from them saying that they will refuse to deliver.

I’m panicking because I only had two night bags left on the Monday, so I asked to be sent an emergency supply but Nightingale said they couldn’t order it because they were going to try to deliver the original prescription on Monday but nothing came. Finally on Tuesday afternoon a full seven days after I’d put the prescription order through I finally received my package so the catheter company must’ve had a stern word in their ear.

With regards to my iPhone I am waiting for Apple to email me to say that my phone has been sent back to the UK warehouse and they will try and deliver it with a different carrier and if I haven’t received any notification by Friday I need to ring again and will probably ask for my money back.

This all started two weeks ago when a DPD worker spoke to me on the intercom whilst my mum was out and said that if I didn’t give him back the parcel he’d incorrectly delivered to the wrong address it would be seen as theft. when I told him I wasn’t mobile and that I didn’t know about any parcel he kept asking to come inside and saying he was going to call the police. I rung my mum quite shaken worried that I’m going to be arrested (you know my anxiety tends to spiral) and she was literally two minutes away and told me to tell him to wait outside and she will hand him the parcel (which we tried twice to send it to the original consumer but to no avail.) he was still threatening me and telling me that I was stealing and kept threatening to come into the house to get it himself (I would not let anybody in I didn’t know, (now our usual postman is really lovely and he put the parcels inside our front door and make sure the door is shut properly) especially as there are so many scams about. When my mum arrived Paul she told him very politely and calmly that he was harassing a disabled woman and that it was his error and not ours. He went back to DPD and told his boss that my mother had been verbally abusive which is completely untrue. I have put in a complaint to DPD myself as well as my mum and we are looking to get a video called intercom system so I can see who is at the front door.

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