Entertainment: My weekend in a nutshell

This week my biggest achievement was Reading the first Harry Potter book in for hours/ my TikTok video reaching 131 views/ Getting a cheaper blog host and plan.

Biggest headache: didn’t fall asleep till 2:30 am Thursday morning / transferring blog to the new host and plan. My previous company site ground was charging me £20 a month but, for £7 a month on WordPress I still get all the features are usually use the only drawback being is that I would lose some plug-ins and the option to use a custom theme. It only cost me £84 a year whereas on my WordPress business plan a pre-paid £240 for two years. Massive thank you to the big guy at WordPress who talked me into renewing my domain, transferring my content and finding me the most economical plan that I will get the most use out of.

This weekend I will be
Reading: Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets (yes just because I love Harry Potter does not mean that I support or condone JK Rowling‘s feelings against the trans-community and inverted racism, it is purely because of Harry Potter tiktok

Listening too: Folklore by Taylor Swift/ Before you go by Lewis Capaldi/ PeterPan by Kelsea Balarini/ Princesses doesn’t Cry by CARYS / Dear Evan Hansen / Grease / Good Years by the Shires / ABBA/ John Travolta / Witney Huston/ 21st Century Machine by Catie Turner

watching: Extreme Cake Makers/ Mamma Mia

My foodie treats: Dairy Milk chocolate buttons and a Mac Donald’s

Hopefully I’ll go to: Primark/ The No Sign Wine Bar / Waterstones/ Swansea Market/ see my relatives

Must remember too: Chase up spinal review/ Book car in for an MOT

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Something I’m looking forward to in the next few weeks: from the 18th of September my sister will be visiting so I can’t wait to catch up with her as I haven’t seen you since February. I’m also looking forward to writing more fashion boasts surrounding the autumnal palette and the overall aesthetic of cottage core/ Cosy. I love watching the leaves change and feeling that nip in the air as well as layering up to go out and then feeling the sweet relief of the central heating/heated blanket/hot drink. As you can probably tell I am an autumn person. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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