Fashion: A simple summer dress and a day at the beach

Hey guys and dolls,

I feel like if I haven’t done a fashion post in ages and I thought it only appropriate to follow the trends and do a simple dress look and a day at the beach outfit.

So the first one is a simple pink modern lady look, you could easily wear this out to dinner party, a last minute romantic date or even a beach wedding. You have this beautiful maxi dress in a light dusty pink chiffon fabric which will so light on you that you won’t feel warm and this dress stops below the knee. So make sure you shave your arms and legs (Although it’s your personal preference) because they’ll be on show. I would also have your toenails match your nails too or treat yourself to a pedicure. You then have these ankle strapped two inch heels in a dusty pink velvet (my advice is to always wear in your shoes before going to event that way you’ll avoid blisters and corns) there’s just something about an ankle strap that screams summer, elegance and ultimately slows down your ankles making you look all delicate. However if you wanted to add a twist onto this very feminine style you could rebel and add a leather jacket to give it that rockstar look.

On to accessories, you then have these layered charm necklaces to give you a bit of sparkle and these are from Tracy Nichols jewellery at $32 .(I find these layered necklaces make the look more casual with a nod towards grunge.) Then paired with amazons version of the Lily Pulitzer blossom earrings which usually cost $75 (but you can get the imitation pair on Amazon for $20). I love these and find they give you a more elegant look with the gold center of the flowers matching the gold layered necklaces especially if your hair is up. – if you want to be a bit daring you could add an ear cuff. Finally we have the classic Michael Kors crossbody bag in dusty pink with chunky gold chain.

On to makeup, you could recreate the eyes with the subtle pink shades from the maybeline blushed nudes pallete which has a shimmer to it. But, to make your eyes really pop, put on a white cream eyeshadow primer and blend, remembering to add some highlighter in the corner of your eye. I would recommend a simple one stroke eyeliner nothing to heavy because the eye makeup is quite bold and you don’t want to make your eyes look smaller. On to the lips, you could go all 2000’s and have a pink glitter gloss from Lime crime Wet Cherry lipgloss in the picture or a simple swipe of Pink In The Afternoon by Maxfactor with a small topcoat of gloss. I recommend the shade Pink Ice from Number 7 by boots. Finally for your acrylics I love this look it’s sort of a twist on the french manicure. Just stay away from hot bright pinks remember, subtly is the key

The next look is loud and bold. I love yellow in the summer! I find it just makes me smile. Wether your on a sneaky vacation and are sightseeing or having a beach day – In this outfit you’ll make a statement that your confident and classy. (With the added bonus of standing out in a crowd, your friends or family definitely won’t lose you.) This look could easily be worn in the evening. For makeup all you need is some light dusting of gold eyeshadow by using the Morphe x James Charles palette and to make your colours really pop put on a white cream eyeshadow primer and blend, remembering to add some highlighter in the corner of your eye.nhighlighter, lip balm or gloss with SPF, some false eyelashes. (NO foundation because wether you tan easily or self tan that will be enough coverage and this yellow palette will compliment your golden skin easily.)

For your hair you could plait it into two twin plaits like in the bottom picture or do a braided crown like in the picture above finally a little hairspray and you’re done. Don’t bother dying your hair before you go away on holiday/vacation because the sun will bring out the natural highlights in your hair. – if your hair is blonde make sure you use gold bobby pins it is one of my pet peeves when I see girls with blonde hair with lovely plants that have been pinned with black or brown bobby pins. Your bobby pins should match your hair colour so as not to ruin the whole aesthetic of your lookFor accessories put on your gold hooped evenings and grab a clutch bag and, au volia! You’re ready to party.

Here’s my ShopLook link to find out how and where to buy these outfits from

Happy summer!

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