Book Review: A mothers choice by Ali Mercer

Genre: Domestic Fiction/ Thriller

Rating: 5/5


I watch them at the school gates, all the mothers with their daughters. I see the hugs and all those thoughtful little adjustments to scarves and ponytails. How their love seems to overflow, they have so much of it to give. 

And then I walk home to my aunt’s cold house, where there are a hundred rules for me to follow and only a single photograph of my mother to look at.

She is never spoken about in this house. They tell me that it will be easier if I don’t think about her.

It is strange though, isn’t it? That I know nothing about my own mother?

But they don’t know about the diary I’ve found up in the loft. Maybe they even forgot it was there. It doesn’t matter anymore if they won’t tell me anything. Because within these pages is what I’ve waited fourteen years to find out. And maybe some things I wish I could forget.

My verdict: Thanks to the folks at Netgalley who let me read this book prior to its release on 29th July. Ultimately this book is about a young girl trying to find out more about her mother and more importantly why they don’t speak about her mother or her death.

When Dani stumbles across her mothers diary written shortly before her death, it sends Dani reeling with discoveries of infidelity and a rocky marriage it ultimately means that Dani puts two and two together and comes up with five and suddenly she trusts no one. She decides to head back to Cornwall where her and her mother stayed briefly and the truth starts to come out. A heart wrenching drama that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster with twists along the way. Mercer layers her story’s so well that with each chapter reveals a new clue as to what happened to Dani’s mum.

The sensitivity and style of writing reminded me of Jodi Picoult and Diane chamberlain, touching on topics like divorce and even brain damage without sugar coating the harsh reality but at the same time presents a rounded picture and in the end I didn’t judge the characters too harshly like I did with previous chapters as they were only doing what they thought best for Dani.

Told from Laura’s perspective through the medium of her diary and Dani, we can begin to understand and how they both feel and how having secrets has affected them. Morally this book tells us that sometimes a parent will put themselves at risk for the sake of their child as is only natural. It also shows us how guilt can heavily weigh someone down and sometimes we need to forgive and accept the consequences of our actions to be able to move on.

I read this in four hours and I know you’ll be hooked too. It’s fab that I’ve discovered a new author to widen my bookshelf – thank you Netgalley

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