Book Review: The Little runaways by Cathy Sharp

Genre: Historical fiction

Rating: 5/5


A gritty drama that will appeal to fans of The Throwaway Children and authors Nadine Dorries and Kitty Neale.

When little Terry and Nancy arrive at the door of St Saviour’s Children’s Home, they seem shellshocked after being orphaned in the fire that killed their parents. Terry is terribly damaged by his experiences, though the concerned staff, especially Angela Morton, suspect that there is something more sinister behind his disturbing behaviour.

Angela shares her anxieties with Mark Adderbury, a psychiatrist volunteering at the home. They’ve grown closer recently but Angela, still grieving the loss of her husband, feels that Mark needs more from her than she can give. Then why does she feel so jealous at the arrival of Staff Nurse Carole, who seems to have captured Mark’s attention?

They must all pull together to get to the bottom of what really happened to Terry and Nancy, but the truth may be harder to take than they realise . . .

My verdict: Fans of Kitty Neale will love this follow up to The a Orphans of halfpenny Street this time focusing on a brother and sister who’ve lost their abusive parents in a fire but, something about the boy gives everyone chills and why does the sister watch him like a hawk and not let him speak, what are they hiding?

This book also focuses on the staff in the home romance between Mark Adderbury and Angela Morton but someone is intent on snatching him away so that they can rise to the top and replace sister Beatrice.

This book has everything, Romance, jealousy, and tragedy touching on subjects such as having a child out of wedlock, mental health, alcoholism, emotional and sexual abuse as well as healing from grief and moving forward.

Fans of Lesley Pearce, Pam Weaver, Margaret Thornton and Kitty Neale will become enchanted by the characters in this saga and will love Sharp’s vivid and gritty descriptions with hints of happiness so readers will feel like they are in the book themselves. A heartwarming and at times heart wrenching read and with Sharp’s knack for emotionally connecting the reader in the narrative and characters you’ll be left crying, laughing, rejoicing and shouting indignantly at some of the injustices but will always come back wanting more.

Click the link to be taken to goodreads so that you may buy your copy.

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