Fashion: Summer style

I know we are stuck at home trying to save the world from this deadly virus and at the same time protest against injustice. I just thought offended or fashion post may provide some levity or serve as distraction in these uncertain times.

Firstly we have a Calson clip dot shirt dress with bow at £69.99 from Nordstorm – great for picnics in the garden or for a brief spell out with the kids.

Then we have a Rachel Parcell sleeveless denim jumpsuit from Nordstrom at £90 – it looks great and highlights your curves but may be a bit awkward if you’re the type of person that needs to go to the toilet every 20 minutes. (I include myself in that category). Could easily be worn to do the weekly shop or errands. You could put your hair in low pigtails, a flower crown, sandals, and round sunglasses to fully embrace the festival/Hippie look.

Then we have a salmon pink Shien cami crop for £18 and floral miniskirt for £18 – If you’re the type that freezes you could add a light white/ cream cotton cardigan/ shrug and ballet flats to tie the look together. You could also add pearl earrings/necklace and a pink satin Alice band if you would like. This outfit is perfect for date night or meeting the other half’s family situation.

Thirdly this next outfit is ideal for teaching classes via zoom or work meetings, it’s a Thurwell null wrap dress with polka dot detail by bodice at £74. Everybody will be wowed by your amazing wardrobe they won’t even notice that your hair has been in a messy bun for three days straight and you’re wearing your slippers underneath the desk.

This outfit is for all the vintage lovers out there something I could see the lovely Jasmin Chiswell wearing (for those of you that don’t know who she is, she owns Marilyn Monroe’s former home which she bought with Joe DiMaggio and is often seen on tiktok emulating Marilyn’s style, Her YouTube is We have a light blue Reformation bev top by at £147 paired with £170 High – Redone 70’s high rise denim shorts.

Following on from that we have LIETH pink floral off the shoulder floral print dress with knee length hemline at £59.99 Team it with some light pink pumps from Primark or New look and those pink ceramic Lily Pulitzer earrings at £60 and your good to go. This outfit is perfect for date night at home or spending a special occasion at home when you usually go out to celebrate.

Next we have a Lumier floral yellow wrap dress with neck tie available at Nordstorm – ideal for those days where your sick of the sight of elasticised waistbands and stretchy maxi dresses – This dress will inject a bit of colour into your wardrobe and the fabric is nice and breathable taking you from frumpy to fabulous and all for £40

Lastly we have a bandage button through denim dress from BOOHOO for those of us who love to show off their body with minimal tan lines. Never let anyone tell you that you’re too old for a trend, if what you’re wearing makes you comfortable, confident and sexy then you do you babe!

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