Things I love and hate about having a disability

Things I love:

  • Skipping queues
  • Clean disabled toilets
  • Raising awareness of my life and helping others with my blog.
  • Priority boarding on flights
  • Being on a train and the only accessible one is first class.
  • Not having to get up to pee every half an hour
  • Nice physio therapy massages
  • Hunky doctors
  • When someone says I can’t do something and I do it, proving them and seeing their shocked face
  • A unique outlook on life
  • Practically a doctor without the spiralling debt


  • Uncomfortable equipment
  • Not having any privacy because I need help with personal care.
  • Catheter changes/infections/blockages
  • People who mean well but end up being patronising
  • Not being able to drink because of meds
  • Startle reflex
  • I can’t wear skinny jeans or heels
  • Pain flare ups
  • Inaccessible buildings
  • Stereotypes
  • Ableism
  • Not a fan of my bent limbs

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