Book Review: Kitchen knives and Insta – lies by Elsie Lowe

Genre: Fiction/Novella

Rating: 5/5


She had fought tooth and nail for success, beat hundreds of others to the internship at Brightly Lit Productions, worked harder than anyone to secure promotion after promotion, prioritised work to the point of cancelling her honeymoon because her boss, Nick Maher, had declared they couldn’t manage without her. And all for what? 

Former hotshot TV producer turned frustrated stay-at-home mum Sophia Williams-Williams finds a secret outlet for her angst and endless grievances against her workaholic husband on Instagram.

But her unexpected rise to fame and growing financial independence soon place further strain on her marriage. 

Meanwhile, her 10 year old son’s obsession with keeping his loved ones “safe” has unforeseen and devastating consequences.

My verdict: Thank you to Netgalley for allowing me to review this book. A very funny read about a mum’s transition from producer to housewife and now her transition into the limelight via Instagram. Not only does this book deals with the sometimes harsh realities and responsibilities of being a mum, it deals with Mental Health (OCD/Anxiety and post natal depression) as well as religion and finding something to believe in. Not only that it tackles many issues facing the modern family like long work hours, private school mum envy and rivalry as well as the ups and downs of social media. Overall a very engaging read with a plenty of sarcasm and dollops of dry senses of humour all the whilst tackling some heavy issues with lots of empathy and awareness.

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