Book Review: Five hundred miles from you By Jenny Colgan

Genre: romance/domestic fiction

Rating: 5/5


Lissa loves her job as a nurse, but recently she’s been doing a better job of looking after other people than looking after herself. After a traumatic incident at work leaves her feeling overwhelmed, she agrees to swap lives with someone in a quiet village in Scotland.

Cormac is restless. Just out of the army, he’s desperately in need of distraction, and there’s precious little of it in Kirrinfief. Maybe three months in London is just what he needs.

As Lissa and Cormac warm to their new lives, emailing back and forth about anything and everything, finally things seem to be falling into place. But each of them feel there’s still a piece missing. What – or who – could it be?

And what if it’s currently five hundred miles away?

My verdict: First thanks to Netgalley who let me review the latest Scottish book shop series from a firm favourite of mine, Jenny Colgan.

This heartwarming piece of fiction brings us back to some over the loveable and eccentric characters of the island as well as som new ones.

This book should not be dismissed as fluffy fiction, it tackles many things such as PTSD, Attitudes towards our national health service, racism and organ donation. If I had to some up this heartwarming read in one or two sentences I would say that it’s ultimately about second chances and taking time for yourself as well as logging off can be beneficial for your mental health. A lovely book which I devoured in a day and half which I found opened my eyes to many issues we don’t think about and indeed taking our physical health for granted. As with all of Jennys books I enjoyed seeing the progression of some of the Islands residents and the will – they won’t they tug and pull in regards to romance between Cormac and Lissa. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Scottish highlands with Jenny’s vivid and all encompassing descriptions has made me realise that we need to appreciate what the UK has to offer and in terms of natural beauty.

In a way this book reminded me of the prince and the pauper and a tale of two cities in the respect that both characters swap lives for a bit.

I loved all the Scottish culture incorporated in the novel which often left Lissa slightly bemused and the multicultural attitudes of London where Cormac found that they weren’t as friendly or community minded like they are on the island back home.

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