Me and my disability: New med regime

Hi gang,

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a disability update as everything’s been calm.. up until last week.

My back and pelvis flared up and not even diazepam or oramorph together was helping. Yesterday I spoke to the doctor and he’s upped my oramoph from 2.5ml to 5ml and put me back on MST (prolonged release pain meds that last up to 12 hours) and that’s everyday twice a day for the foreseeable future until my six week meds review.

They’ve knocked me for six as I was on them three years ago but managed to wean myself off them and I forgot how tired they make me. (I begrudgingly take them even though I feel like it’s setting me back but, the last few months with my pain gradually increasing each week proves I don’t have the luxury to be stubborn and not take pain meds because the pain is too much and is making me miserable and as my mum pointed out, the GP wouldn’t give them to me if I didn’t need them and that they help me function somewhat relatively normally.

As well as this I have to take anti sickness pills to combat the side effects of the diazepam, Oramorph and MST. I’ve accepted that these are to help me no matter how much pain clinic tell me I take too many tablets, myself and my GP know that the pain is real. Don’t you dare even think that you feel sorry for me or say ‘bless you’(unless you’re the bloody pope) because their are plenty worse off than me and I’m so grateful for the fabulous healthcare system that the UK has and, I truly believe that the real superhero’s are the family Carers, Young Carers, domiciliary Carers and all the GP’s, doctors, surgeons, auxiliary nurses, chefs and cleaners that keep our NHS running.

The next step is to refer me for a scoliogram (it’s been four years since my last one) and or, up my pregablin up to the maximum if the pai continues with this intensity.

Stay safe and well, thank you for reading!

RM x

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