Entertainment: Reasons why I love John Travolta

So this is a bit of fun as I often get asked why am I 22 and adoring John Travolta? Well here’s some of the reasons why and John if you’re reading this, thank you for making me so happy in my darkest hours. I want nothing more than for you to know how much you mean to me.

For a more in-depth look into my love for John, read my article here: https://atomic-temporary-119431106.wpcomstaging.com/2020/01/13/non-fiction-travolta-fever/

  • He once had a fan hide in his wardrobe who wanted to meet him and didn’t press charges once the police came
  • He does his own stunts in his action movies – particularly flying
  • He always takes time out of his busy schedule to talk to fans
  • He has the brightest smile and the bluest eyes
  • His family have had cameos in his movies; Kelly in To Paris with love, his sister Ellen in Grease, His sister Anne and his mother Helen in Saturday day night fever and his sister Ellen again in Old Dogs
  • When filming Urban Cowboy in 1989 he stayed in a the home of the films choreographer and used some of the dance moves he was taught during filming (Which wasn’t scripted)
  • When Randal Keslier (The director of Grease) injured his foot in the thunderbird road scene John used a Scientology pain blocking method to help him
  • He successfully managed to dance in high heels and a fat suit all the while maintaining a Baltimore accent when portraying Edna Turnblad in the 2007 Musical reboot of hairspray (Directed by Adam Shankman) and suggested little things for his the character like wardrobe and props inspired by his mother and sisters during the sixties – this included Edna’s heels, Tina Turner style dress in the finale musical number and even chose the iron that Edna would most likely use.
  • When meeting the director Quentin Tarantino to discuss a potential film (which would later be Pulp Fiction) It turns out Quentin was staying in John’s childhood home in New Jersey an£ could recall every feature in each room. Quentin was a big fan of Welcome Back Kotter and whilst they discussed the potential project they bonded playing the WBK board game and watched episodes of the Classic show
  • When preparing for Pulp Fiction he spoke to a former drug addict who told him what it was like to get high so that he could understand his character later, back at the hotel he downed 20 shots of tequila with wife Kelly and then lay floating in a warm pool so that he could get a taste of what it would be like.
  • John earlier on in his WBK fame had a record deal and or was because of that record deal Paramount films knew he could sing and offered him the role of Danny Zuko – I have both albums and my favourite songs are Razzmatazz, Moonlight Lady, Slow Dancing, Whenever I’m away from you and You set my dreams to music. I play them when I need to relax or am having a pain flare up.
  • He was kind enough to suggest Olivia Newton John for the role of sandy and put her at ease as she was hesitant to do another film after Zanadu. He admits to having a crush on her and the scene at the end when they fly away in the car where they kiss was the first time he kissed her and wasn’t scripted. The pair worked together again in the Rom Com Two of a kind in 1983
  • He’s not afraid to laugh at himself, in 1994 before the release of Pulp Fiction he went on SNL where he participated in sketches poked fun at his well known roles.
  • He is an advocate for people with Autism and special needs championing the Dizzy Feet foundation and founded (with wife Kelly) the Jett Travolta foundation after their son Jett who died in 2009 from a seizure in the Bahamas. In 2013 he released a Christmas album with Olivia Newton John and half the proceeds going to his charity and half to Olivia’s foundation for cancer. His brother Sam Travolta runs a scheme to help children with various disabilities find jobs in the film industry.
  • He and his beautiful wife Kelly championing the drug free America scheme (with exceptions of course for medication)
  • He’s been in a music video alongside pitbull for the song It takes three after Pitbull featured on The Gotti soundtrack in 2015. He even gave a speech when Pitbull received a star on the walk of fame. Pitbull was the inspiration behind John going bald in 2019. The pair are great friends and when John participated in a house tour/ hide and seek game with some famous YouTubers he showed a vase in which Pitbull gave him.
  • John even learned how to paint forgeries from an expert in Hong Kong for his role in the 2014 movie The forger. When filming a scene where John’s characters son gets rushed to a children’s cancer center he actually took the time to meet the patients and take photos. When filming a scene outside of a tattoo parlour late at night for the movie John ensured that each fan had a warm drink and made time for photos and autographs.
  • When he began befriending and dating Kelly Preston he sent her flowers and even took her to dinner on his private jet where he performed a military take off in a bid to impress her. The married in Paris in 1992 with a Scientology ceremony and then had a vow renewal to make their marriage official in the eyes of the law in Daytona Beach, Florida.
  • He sang two songs on the Love Song for Bobby Long soundtrack which starred a young Scarlet Johansen (John’s fatherly roles are my favourite to watch as when I discovered him a 13 I was going through a rough patch.
  • My all time favourite movies of his are: Face/Off, The Poison Rose, The Forger, Criminal Activities, Eyes of an Angel, Love song for Bobby Long, Saturday night fever, Grease, Hairspray, The fanatic, Old Dogs and Look Who’s talking.
  • My least favourite movies are: Primary Colours, The punisher, Carrie and Staying alive
  • The project I’m most excited to watch: Die Hart on Quibi alongside Kevin Hart
  • Favourite TV appearances: Kelly and John on Oprah (1993) The Oprah Finale, (2009) Ellen (2007), Ellen (2009), Ellen ( 2015) Letterman (2014) Jay Leno (1992), Inside the actors studio (2004) Jimmy Kimmel (2018) CBS (2018) Promo for Face/off with Nicholas Cage (1997)
  • Favourite things to watch on YouTube that feature John: Behind the scenes of Old Dogs/Wildhogs and Grease 2019 cast Q + A,

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