Book Review: The Bluebird Girls (1-3) by Rosie Archer

This is an overall book review for Rosie Archers, The Bluebird Girls series. The titles are:

  • The Bluebird Girls
  • We’ll meet again
  • The Forces Sweethearts

Genre: Historical Fiction

Rating: 5/5


Rainey Bird, Ivy Sparrow and Bea Herron all love to sing. For Rainey, music has been a solace during the upheaval of starting a new life with her mother, away from her abusive dad. Bea finds a confidence when she sings that she cannot get from anything else. Ivy sees it as her best chance of making a life away from Gosport and a dead-end job. 

The three of them sing in a choir run by the strict but kind Mrs Wilkes. The choir provides a couple of hours of stardust each week, away from school and work and family worries.

When war breaks out, though, dreams must be put on hold. It seems that local pantomimes and charity shows are as far as the girls will be able to go, despite Mrs Wilkes’s faith in their talent. That is, until a mysterious stranger arrives with a proposition that just might change their lives…

My verdict: Fans of Ellie Dean, Annie Groves, Katie Flynn, Rosie Godwin and Diney Costello will love this feel good saga set in the very turbulent and frightening times of WWII. This book for me was packed with so much drama told through the eyes of three young women each with their own dilemmas. Rosie Archer has a knack for writing emotional and vivid descriptions, that when you read it you feel as though you are there. She also interweaves the girls inner dilemmas and troubles and looking at them objectively without favouring one another with each chapter told from a different character so that we get the bigger picture. I loved how the author managed to potray the outcome of one of the young girls decisions and how it affected them almost like dominoes, without it becoming too complicated. I feel that thought the series we see great character progression and maturity. Whatever curve those three girls get thrown they handle it together with good humour and kind intentions. Rosie Archer very much captures the famous blitz spirits with the supporting characters embroiled in their own drama provide much needed levity and support throughout with each supporting character blossoming as the series goes on and whilst the narrative may not be focused on them their own issues such as Domestic Abuse, Prostitution, and PTSD to name a few are all explored with empathy and I rounded picture. Not long till the fourth book. It’s like me you’re struggling with lockdown at the moment then I suggest this feelgood series which will warm you up and fill you with nostalgia and an appreciation of the people and what they did for us as a nation to help us win the war.

Click on the image to be taken to Amazon so that you may purchase book one and then if you like it it will prompt you to buy the next in the series

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