Entertainment: My life in lockdown

Thank you for all your lovely messages regarding my wellbeing in these scary and uncertain times. I’m sorry for the lack of posts but until today I have been stumped when it comes to posting content.. It’s only because I was emailing a friend today with an update on all things Rachel Marie that I thought I’d post it here so that I can put my loyal readers mind at ease that all is as well as can be.

I’m keeping busy with Duolingo and reading lots of books in exchanged for a review. I’m also playing Star Dew Valley – A farming game on the iPad, reminiscent  of the Harvest Moon series that was on game boy and DS, as well as enjoying my Disney Plus Subscription that I received for my birthday in March. (it fills me with so much nostalgia!!) I’ve also been experimenting with photoshop and procreate,  (using my Apple pen) combining it with my love of Disney and creating a dedicated Disney Instagram (DarlingItsDisney) where I post my edits and fan art.
In regards to my second book it’s come to a halt as my parents are on furlough at the moment making it difficult to concentrate on writing.  I have been toying with the idea of a Little Mermaid Retelling, incorporating Cerebal Palsy and sign language into the plot. I’ve also been ploughing through my second university module (Another five modules in the next five years and I get my BA in Creative Writing!) 

In regards to my disability, I have a new care agency who are miles better than the last. I had an occupational therapist visit and she said that she’d get some grabbers for the Carers because I have high ceilings and the girls struggle to reach the hoist remotes, she also said that she’d write a supporting letter to help move me up the waiting list for an adapted property so that I can live independently.
My chronic pain is still under investigation particularly with my pelvis but I found that since starting a nightly antidepressant in December I have less fatigue flare ups and my moods are lot more stable.

Please stay safe everyone, I know this lockdown is frustrating but it’s for our own safety. If we all adhere to the rules then we WILL beat this virus.

I am so grateful to the frontline workers who are keeping our country running. My heart goes out to those struggling with isolation and my deepest sympathies goes out to those who have lost their lives to this nasty disease/ illness.

If anyone is struggling please message me and I will help as best I can.

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