Book Review: Paper Avalanche By Lisa Williamson

Rating: 5/5

Genre: YA

Plot: When it comes to flying under the radar, Ro Snow is the expert. No friends. No boys. No parties. And strictly NO VISITORS. It may be lonely but at least this way the truth remains where it should – hidden. Then Tanvi Shah, the girl who almost died, comes tumbling back into her life and Ro finds herself losing control of her carefully constructed lies. Because if Ro’s walls come crumbling down, who’s going to take care of Bonnie… Bonnie. Never Mum or Mummy or Mother. Just Bonnie.

My verdict: Another Brilliant read from Lisa Williamson tackling issues such as hoarding, lack of parental attention and care, life after surviving cancer and mental health. A warm narrative about friendship and on the other hand learning to trust someone and not sheltering all the responsibilities and burdens of life alone. Overall very enjoyable and engaging read which would not only be enjoyed by teens but adults as well. I commend the author for tackling issues not often written about in books. I have to praise the author for not resorting to stereotypes in regards to the main protagonist’s mothers hoarding and abandonment issues. Overall a novel about forging a future for yourself and how taking time for your self shouldn’t be seen as selfish, especially in Ro Snows circumstances. This book is a rollercoaster of highs and lows but is written with compassion, empathy and understanding of a teenage girls life in the modern age and how even though we have all the technology in the world we can still feel alone.

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