Fashion: 70’s style! Groovy baby

Click the outfit to be taken to shop look so that you can buy some 70s style!

Okay so the 70’s are back in so here’s a little outfit I put together

First up we have a neon orange chiffon tied crop top at £20 from Topshop, and then we have these white washed wide legged jean also £20 and from Topshop. Lastly the burnt orange faux felt shoes with pointed toe and stiletto heel from Marc Shieman at £90.

On to the accessories: we have a group of six hippy bracelets from Amazon at £5, we then have the orange tinted sunglasses with small rounded lenses. (who I like to think were made famous by John Lennon, Yoko and Ozzy Osbourne) from Accessorize at £12. The white floppy straw sunhat from Primark at £8 Lastly we have the draw string leather burnt orange bag from Amazon at £10

You could even add some OTT jewellary like over sized rings, long chained pendent necklaces and dangly earrings all from Claire’s Accessorise/New look/ Primark/ Accessorize

On to the makeup, you could create an orange and black smokey eye using an MUA pallet ( Tropical Oceana Pallet at £8) /NYX (Ultimate eyeshadow pallet at £16 / Lottie London Pallet (£4.45) or cut crease with highlighter (I love Liquid Luminous from Makeup Revelation £3) along your cheekbones and fake lashes (Huda Beauty at £20.99) Then add some gel liner. Be bold and take a risk, use a white gel liner like Ashley Tisdale showcased on her Instagram – (I reccomend Rimmel Colour Precise Eye Liner in shade 003 for £2.99) or, you could go for the safe option which is traditional black eyeliner (I recommend Bobbi Brown Gel liner in charcoal at £15) Finally add some bright orange lipstick (I love E.L.F moisturising lipstick in Orange Dream at £3.15)

If plan on going to a festival you could experiment with face gems like Vanessa Hudgens, AKA Queen of Coachella!

Lastly the hair, if you want to recreate those 70’s pigtails follow this easy YouTube video from jaaackjack

For the nails the brighter the better and again If you’re not keen on face gems you could always use them on your nails or paint floral patterns as shown by Janelle Estep using a tooth pick.

With this new fashion trend you’ll always be festival ready (even if we have to watch old live performances of our favourite bands/singers on YouTube in our living rooms or bedrooms)

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