Book Review: The Sea Witch Rising by Sarah Henning

Genre: fantasy/ YA

Rating: 5/5

Plot: Alia has made a deal with the Sea Witch to give up her life as a mermaid in exchange for a human soul. Now she has only twelve hours left on land to win the prince she loves, or perish.
But Alia’s sister, Runa, knows that the prince isn’t capable of true love, so she makes her own bargain with the Sea Witch – and prepares to bring Alia back to the ocean, whether she likes it or not.
Below the waves, the Sea Witch has a plan to challenge the order of the sea. It’s going to take power – power she doesn’t yet have.
As Runa and the Sea Witch’s fates intertwine, they find themselves caught in the middle of a deadly conflict between land and water. Will they be brave enough to sacrifice their own hearts’ desires for a chance to save their worlds…?

My verdict: An epic conclusion to a retelling of the Little Mermaid where the sea witch isn’t always the villian. A brilliant story about loyalty, love, standing up against injustice (even if it means going against the grain.) and ultimately finding your talents among others and using it for good. Sarah Henning writes with such conviction and passion, putting a new spin on a classic tale. Unlike traditional fairytales he also does not talk down to the reader and instead inserts moral lessons amongst exciting action and adventure that they prompt questions about our own society and prejudice long after you finished reading. Although the majority of the circumstances in the novel are fictional, the political situations both above sea and below mimic recent political events. Overall a thrilling read for the mermaid believers amongst us, filled with magic, wonder and discovery of your true self. This is ultimately a winning formula when it comes to retailing is and the young adult genre in particular. I hope that we see more of Evelyn (The sea witch) in the future on our bookshelves. If you haven’t read the first instalment then I highly recommend you do (especially as we have a lot more time on our hands) so that you can fully appreciate the new spin on the beloved characters of Hans Christian Anderson.

Image property of Sarah Henning. Click the cover to be taken to Amazon to purchase your copy

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