Book Review: The last letter from Istanbul by Lucy Foley

Genre: Historical Fiction

Rating: 3/5

Plot: ISTANBUL, 1921

Before the Occupation, Nur’s city was a tapestry of treasures: the Grand Bazaar alive with colour, trinkets and spices; saffron sunsets melting into the black waters of the Bosphorus; the sweet fragrance of the fig trees dancing on the summer breeze . . .

Now the shadow of war hangs over the city, and Nur lives for the protection of a young boy with a terrible secret. Stumbling through the streets, carrying the embroideries that have become her livelihood, she avoids the gazes of the Allied soldiers. Survival is everything.

When Nur chances upon George Monroe, a medical officer in the British Army, it is easy to hate him. Yet the lines between enemy and friend grow fainter.

She and the boy would both be at risk. Nur knows that she cannot afford to fall – impossibly and dangerously – in love . . .

My verdict: I like the premise of the story and found the authors narrative to be very vivid so that I felt I was almost involved in the narrative myself. I like the idea of the Romeo and Juliet storyline however, I found the alternating narrators with the chapter confusing and I found a lot of the descriptions to be detailed but sometimes unnecessary. Overall very emotive And empowering time especially for women who in this part of the world are of the repressed… I like how the author is providing a rounded outlook in a time of conflict. Whilst I enjoy historical fiction and find myself an expert on the times of World War II it was nice to read about a country that is often forgotten during this time period. I found the characters to be imaginative and not at all stereotyped

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