Writing: Outline of my YA debut with the OCA

• Chapter one: Clara suspect that she has chronic fatigue syndrome along with her cerebral palsy and begins to blog about it where she meets Anastasia who offers her advice and guidance and an online friendship blossoms

• Chapter two: Anistasia’s parents are offered jobs in England near to where Clara lives – Anistasia is apprehensive about leaving her homeland but hopes that England may have anymore excepting attitude towards chronic illness and that her parents may relax they are strict rules in favour of a western lifestyle

• Chapter Three: Clara finally gets a diagnosis of ME syndrome and is now fighting for her educational and specialist requirements to be met in school where the headteacher doesn’t believe that Clara‘s diagnosis is an actual thing.

• Chapter four: Anastasia finds out that she will be moving to Brighton near Clara but her parents still expecting to attend church, being modest and Live up to her parents expectations of what a good Russian girl who is the ministers daughter should be despite being in a more liberal town, where self expression is encouraged. Anastasia and Clara finally meet-up briefly at support group where Clara is mugged whilst at the bus stop, ensuing a panic attack and her mum has to pick her up. Later that night A tells C that they will be going to the same school. C is relieved that A won’t be influenced by the viscous rumours that C is a closet lesbian after admitting to her ex best friend three years ago that she may like girls. A shrugs off these rumours and together the girls form a united front against bullying and discrimination. Anistasia‘s parents won’t let her spend time with friends on weekends unless they approve of them and it is to do with school work. Anistasia invite Clara and her mother round for dinner where they impress Anistasia‘s parents with Clara‘s academic record and the fact that her mum is a single mother and runs her own bakery. Anistasia’s family invited them church. They attend out of politeness but decided it isn’t for them. Anistasia is allowed to visit Clara on weekends to study together as long as they are supervised by Ami and I’m not doing anything too troublesome that would damage Anistasia‘s family is reputation in the community. Annie agrees to Anistasia‘s parents conditions but secretly she has already promised that the girls will have free reign and will be able to do whatever they want as she believes they are old enough to decide for them sells what is right and wrong. Clara shows Anistasia what she’s been missing when it comes to popular music, social media, fashion and film.

• Chapter five: Clara is very careful not to put anything too alarming involving Anistasia on her own social media as she reluctantly had to accept Anistasia‘s mother as a friend as part of the conditions so that she may keep an eye on her daughter. The girls are allowed to have a sleepover where Anistasia reveals that when she is blogging she tells her parents it is for academic reasons and keep in touch with his friends from back home and members of the new parish. Anistasia finally asks Clara where his father is, and Clara admits that after she was born her father discovered his sexuality and moved into London with his new partner Lewis. Anistasia is intrigued because homosexuality is condemned in her church, if her parents were to know the truth about Clara is parents they would stop the girl seeing each other straight away. Anistasia tells Clara the story of her cousin who is supposed to go to conversion camp after confessing love for Christian youth group leader and this ultimately meant that Anistasia never saw her cousin again.

• Chapter six: Clara and Anistasia decide to go to London for the weekend so that Anistasia may see Clara’s father and his partner to see that there is no harm or malice in them. Anistasia also decides to track down her cousin via Clara‘s Facebook and it turns out she now lives in Shoreditch with his wife, they reunite and have a fun weekend and suddenly Anistasia realises on how much she has missed out on and how one-sided church ideals are and begins to rebel in small ways I.E not going to Christian youth group and instead going to the cinema with Clara to watch The Greatest Showman. What they don’t know is that his father has had a member of his parish following them and keeping tabs on their activities and taking photos of a church considered to be in moral activities.

• Chapter seven: Anistasia’s parents confront him with the photographic evidence and decide that they must move back to Russia as their daughter has been brainwashed by western liberals. They are adamant that he Emmy syndrome is all in your mind and punishment from God for thinking outside of the church ideals. Annie is the polled by the way Anistasia‘s parents treat her daughter and offers that Anistasia may come and live with her and Clara.

That’s all I’ve got so far. If your struggling with boredom or writer’s block during these uncertain and worrying times, may I suggest you visit my friend Barbara Henderson’s Facebook page where she posts daily writing prompts.

Also check out my tutors Nina’s Milton Page: http://kitchentablewriters.blogspot.com/

Keep calm, wash your hands whilst singing happy birthday twice, disinfect your phones and keep your house clean. Please do not panic buy and be sensible and try to avoid large gatherings and maybe only go out if you desperately need to go to the shops, the pharmacy or work.

Please also spare a thought for the vulnerable or the elderly who may not have anybody looking out for them and perhaps offer to get them some shopping?



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