Fashion: Spring into summer

I know that vacations are far from our minds at the moment but here are some spring outfit inspiration for you when everything is back to normal.. try and find the positives in things! A little online shopping never hurt anyone!!

Cheer yourself up whilst we all stay home and browse at your leisure with the beautiful spring/summer outfits on

It is vitally important that we not panic buy or horde and that we practice social distancing by avoiding large gatherings (thank goodness for the likes of Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime) and remember to practice good hygiene and cleanliness.

Please do not take this lightly and think that this is a chance for a ‘staycation’ for most people it is a serious issue. Please be considerate towards the elderly, vulnerable and children who aren’t in school and don’t have access to the internet. If your a teacher please offer your services. Now is more important than ever that we pull together and help each other.

If you have symptoms don’t be selfish and go about your day, you could pass it on to somebody vulnerable. I implore you to self isolate and socially distant when you can and only travel if strictly necessary to the shops, pharmacy and even work if you’re required to go in.

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