Beauty: Hacks you need to know

  • Do you want your perfume to last longer? Apply Vaseline to your wrists and neck then spray perfume where you’ve applied the Vaseline.
  • Do you struggle to get your winged eyeliner right? Cut a makeup sponge into the shape of your desired wing then glue into an old makeup brush (remove the bristles and placed the sponge where the bristles would be) then simply dip your home-made eyeliner stamped into your gel liner and press onto the corner of your eyes to create the wing affect and then fill the rest of your eyes in with an eyeliner pen.
  • Do you struggle with applying mascara and end up with smudges above your eyelid where your wand misses your eyelashes? Cut out a small piece of card and hold behind your eyelashes to create a shield stopping any mascara from going onto your eyelids.
  • Always forgetting a sanitary towel? Stitch a small pocket on the front of your underwear big enough to put a pad in and then you’ve always got one with you and never have to feel embarrassed if your sanitary towels fall out of your handbag!
  • Travelling and worrying about decanting your shampoo and it spilling in your suitcase? Simply get a straw and pinch one end with a bobby pin and seal with a lighter. Fill the homemade sachet with your desired product enough for one use, then seal the other end like before and label. Repeat until you have enough shampoo and whatever else for each day (or however many applications for the product you use in the day) and it saves room in your suitcase and won’t spill out.
  • Want different coloured eyeliner but find it too expensive? Get some old coloured pencils and leave in warm water for 10 minutes and then apply to your eyelid.
  • Got two lipsticks that are crumbling or melted? Create a two tone lipstick by slicing one of your lipstick off the top, stick it to your other lipstick (either on the left or right depending on which side has crumbled) sear it with a lighter then leave in the fridge for 10 minutes till it hardens and then use! This way is more sustainable and you spend less money on expensive lipsticks.
  • Want to freshen your breath but don’t have any mints or chewing gum? Simply squeeze blobs of toothpaste on tracing paper and sprinkle with baking soda, put in the fridge to harden and you have on the go toothpaste with no need to brush, just have a swig of water, swill and spit. Perfect for camping.
  • Have a pallet that’s broken? Wether it be highlighter, bronzer or eyeshadow, simply decant into smaller containers, put a few drops of alcohol and press with a tissue and coin on top, leave to harden and you have more makeup without the hefty price tag.
  • Always overfilling your eyebrows? All you need is a piece of string and colour it with your eyebrow pencil and then press it on the middle of your brow and just above the top of your brow bone, these will act as a guide as you fill in, making your brows even and a realistic size.

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