Writing: When I started writing and why

I began writing at three years old. As I couldn’t sit on the naughty step as a child my mother would strap me into my wheelchair and sit me down with a pencil and paper and I would write a story. I loved being able to turn a negative experience into something positive and even then I loved, escape into the life and mind of another character where I was free of any physical restraint.

I love the warm feeling it gave me when my mum read over my work or my teachers praised me for my vivid descriptions and knack for being entertaining.

In my teens I found solace in the Internet where writing a blog made me connect with other people who were in a similar situation to myself who I otherwise wouldn’t have met because of geography or because I couldn’t go out and be on my own. I struggle to relate to my own peer group I found myself light-years ahead of them in regards to maturity but then when it came to trusting people I was quite vulnerable and naive. The Internet and the keyboard gave me the confidence to reach out and I feel better knowing that someone is taking comfort from my experiences.

When it came to writing my blog on the Internet I wasn’t the girl in the wheelchair I was simply Rachel the wannabe writer, hopeless romantic, mega bookworm and chocoholic.

Now, I love writing because people don’t see me as a little girl in a wheelchair anymore but someone with an opinion on if certain things need improving and suggestions to be more accessible towards any person from any walk of life. Yes ultimately writing for me is about creating a bond between writer and reader and if I can benefit financially from that then that’s a bonus too.

Writing for me is about escapism in both forms of reading and writing. It is when I am given a pen and paper or in this case keyboard that I am finally on a level playing field with everyone else we are physical attributes don’t matter and neither does medical jargon. Writing is a way for me to vent my frustration and praising the unknown heroes. I am a great believer in knowledge being power but it’s what you do with that power that defines you and your choices in life so it’s by writing a blog or a partially autobiographical memoir about my teenage years help someone else overcome the same issues I faced then that’s all that matters.

I am a great believer in fate and while I don’t consider myself a cheerleader for the disabled I believe that I should use my unique voice and dry sense of humour to try and make sense of and in accessible world and show that not all disabled people’s lives are going to be improved greatly by Para sports despite what able people think!!

I don’t sugarcoat. As well as reading influences I will take ideas and quite direct/blunt tone from comedians with disabilities like Francesca Martinez, Stella Young and Rosie Jones.

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