Writing: My allies in writing and my enemies and what I do to combat them

Allies in writing:

• once I start writing I don’t want to stop and find The work just flows out of me.

• I don’t have to hand write any of my notes or even type, I can use the text to speak function on my iPad so that I don’t get tired too quickly.

• I turn off the Wi-Fi when I’m writing

• I turn off the TV

• for every paragraph I write, I have a swig of water

• If I am engrossed in a paragraph of my novel and I want a cup of tea I will set my alarm for 15 minutes once I’ve made the tea and when the alarm goes off, I stop and drink the tea before it gets cold.

• For every two hours I spend writing I take a 30 minute screen break. This could be focusing my eyes on a distance spot on the wall, and I do neck and wrist wretches.

• I don’t work before 9 am in the morning and I don’t work beyond 6:30 pm. If I’ve spent a long day writing I miss spend at least an hour reading a paperback book before I go to bed with my diffuser on to help relax me.

• every time

• have a bath every other day.

• if I reach 10000 words or more by Friday evening I will treat myself to a whole chocolate orange.

• My writing days are Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday


• TV I could record my favourite programme this morning to watch on my day off.

• To make sure I am well rested and don’t burn the midnight oil. To stop this I would probably keep my iPad, MacBook and iPhone downstairs so that I can’t digitally record any notes. However, if I do want to record notes in a notebook by hand so as not to let an idea escape, then that’s a compromise.

• my biggest enemy is probably going to be guilt for when I have days where I have a flareup or I’m not feeling very well. I need to remind myself that I won’t produce good quality work if I am not 100% and that I need to listen to my body to get better quicker.

• family – my family may want to go and do things on a whim and that’s fine but as long as they know I have to reach my 2000 word writing goal at the end of each day. I could compromise and ask them that if we are travelling somewhere that pass the time I could type notes on my phone. Also so they know what I’m up against I will probably stick these rules up on the fridge.

• I would probably consider stopping my 20 minute a day Spanish lessons and devote that time to my novel specifically proofreading the work I’ve done the night/day before

• I could probably set a screensaver on my phone to remind me before I open a social media app is it really necessary that I go on there and could I devote my time to writing?

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