Happy international women’s day – My female role model

Taken last year when I was part of the BCBC para dance team

Happy international women’s day! Here’s my main female role models.

My mum – This women is incredible – five years ago she took two years off of work to care for me 24/7 when I had two slipped discs and major depression. Not to mention that she along with my grandparents and stepdad raised me once my parents ‘fell out of love’ when my sister was two and I was eighteen months and diagnosed with CP, all at 21 years of age. My mum has also battled with anorexia and body dismorphia. Despite all this my mum has worked hard to climb up the career ladder and showed me that despite my challenges I can do anything. Thank you to my gorgeous confident mam. I love to the moon and back even when we have are differences and bad days, you are and will always be my one true friend on confidant. You have raised two amazing young women and deserve to be celebrated. I know you say you do it out of love and duty but you have times when you have gone above and beyond for us.

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